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Happi House String Bean Fries, Wasabi Ranch
Fresh Fried Zucchini from Happi House
Shrimp Tempura Appetizer Happi House Restaurants
Veggie Tempura Appetizer at Happi House Restaurants

String Bean Fries  3.99

Fresh Fried Zucchini​  4.69

Shrimp Tempura (3 piece)


Veggie Tempura Appetizer  4.79

with Wasabi Ranch Sauce

Onion Rings Happi House
Happi House Chicken Wings Firecracker Wings
Chicken Tenders Happi House
Potato Smiles from Happi House Teriyaki Restaurants

Tempura Onion Rings  3.79

Firecracker Hot Wings  6.49

Charbroiled Chicken Tenders

(5 piece)  4.99

Potato Happi Faces

6 piece  2.69

12 piece  4.39

Salted Edamame at Happi House

Edamame  2.69

Party Size Edamame  5.29

Happi House's Kid's Meals are served with our Asian Chicken Salad, White or Beef Flavored Rice, and choice of Apple Juice or Soft Drink.

Happi House Restauants Kids
Happi House How to Use Chopsticks
​​Kid's Grilled Chicken Tenders Meal


Kid's Teriyaki Beef Meal
Kid's Teriyaki Pork Meal
Kid's Crispy Chicken Fingers Meal
Kid's Chicken Drumstick Meal
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