Family Style Teriyaki Meals in San Jose

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Combo Meals

Our Combo Meals are a terrific lunch or dinner value. Each are served with our Tempura Onion Rings and Regular Sized Soft Drink.

Happi Paks

Happi House Teriyaki Happi Paks are a great option or take-home family style meals and are served with your choice of Rice and our Asian Chicken Salad.

8 Piece Chicken Teriyaki 21.99
14 Piece Chicken Teriyaki 29.49
12 Piece Beef Teriyaki 17.29
24 Piece Beef Pak 26.49
12 Piece Pork Teriyaki 17.29
24 Piece Pork Pak 26.49
12 Piece Chicken Tenders 17.29
24 Piece Chicken Tenders 26.49
10 Piece Katsu Pak 17.29
20 Piece Katsu Pak 26.49