Family Style Teriyaki Meals in San Jose

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Combo Meals

Our Combo Meals are a terrific lunch or dinner value. Each are served with our Tempura Onion Rings and Regular Sized Soft Drink.

Happi Paks

Happi House Teriyaki Happi Paks are a great option or take-home family style meals and are served with your choice of Rice and our Asian Chicken Salad.

8 Piece Chicken Teriyaki $24.19
14 Piece Chicken Teriyaki $32.49
12 Piece Beef Teriyaki $19.09
24 Piece Beef Pak $29.19
12 Piece Pork Teriyaki $19.19
24 Piece Pork Pak $29.19
12 Piece Chicken Tenders $19.19
24 Piece Chicken Tenders $29.19
10 Piece Katsu Pak $19.49
20 Piece Katsu Pak $29.49